Roberts Wedding

Our Destination Wedding was amazing. Everything was so beautiful. The resort was out of this world amazing. Everyone's rooms were gorgeous.  My suite was unbelievable. They kept everything so clean, the whole resort was spotless everyday. The staff was super friendly and they all went out of their way to speak to the kids or talk to them. Everyone in the group had a great time and I heard no complaints from anyone. I ate at all the restaurants there and they were all really good. No one got sick from water or anything like that. The wedding part was gorgeous as well the whole week was just wonderful and everything went smoothly. I think everyone had an EXTREMELY great time. I know it was probably the best vacation I Have ever been on hands down. The top 2 reasons why I loved the resort was because it was SO clean. People were constantly cleaning and mopping everywhere from the pool area to the lobby. And second because the staff at the resort had excellent service. From the restaurants to the lobby desk to the bartenders. Everyone there made us feel very welcomed and they were very friendly. All in all it was an amazing week and I would definitely go back in a heart beat! Thank you for all your help. You did an excellent job!

Rose Thrasher

I have now used First Discount Travel on several occasions. Holly has always gone the extra mile to make my family's vacations and travel exceptional. She has taken the time to get to know what my husband, my children, and I like so that she can help us make the right decisions for our family trips. When we include our extended family in our travel plans, Holly has easily coordinated everything for the 10+ people in our party coming from different parts of the country. I wouldn't think of planning my travel any more without the help of the wonderful team at First Discount Travel.

Laurie Hahn Family

Jaylean, Thanks so much for helping us plan another great vacation to T&C.  The Sands continued to be a great place to stay - 3rd floor, room 1303(overlooked the beach, dunes and a parking lot for beach access but it wasn't an issue and it was very quiet overall).  I think it might have been the same room we had the first year we stayed. We continued to find new things to do - explored 3 new beaches, and the boys even went on a Big Blue Eco Kayak tour thru the mangroves and out to Iguana Island.  The SUV was definitely a better car for exploring compared to the compact car we had last year. Thanks again.  Matthew is already getting ready to plan to go back next year so we'll see........   Laurie

Lyndsay and Tyler

I just wanted to thank you for all you did for us, our honeymoon was absolutely amazing!! We had the best time! All of the recommendations you gave us were spot on and made it very easy when we arrived.  Thank you especially for recommendation to Jade Mountain!! Never would we have ever found, thought of, booked our last night there without your recommendation, but it was WELL worth it and amazing!!! Unforgettable to say the least!! It was a pleasure working with you! We are so glad we decided to come to the open house and sit down to discuss our honeymoon.  We will definitely contact you in the future when planning our trips --- we have already been throwing ideas around for planning a 1 year anniversary trip! :)   Thanks again!! Lyndsay Hasson

Clint and Meg

There is absolutely no reason NOT to go with First Discount Travel for your honeymoon (or all travel) plans. They don't cost you a dime and can find better deals and connections than the internet provides to us everyday folk! We met Jerry and divulged our steep requirements for a honeymoon. #1 we must spend at least one day on a beach, #2 it must be a place that is warm, #3 it cannot be boring place/there must be things to do and a budget. He came back with 5 options that were all ranging in budget and travel awesomeness! We ended up traveling to Athens, Greece for 2 nights, the Greek island of Santorini for 4 nights, and ended the trip exploring Istanbul, Turkey. Jerry and First Discount provided lodging options in each city, arranged transport to and from the airports, suggest the must-dos in each place, everything and anything we asked was answered. Thank you Jerry + First Discount for making our honeymoon perfect and so stress free! Perfect way to end the wedding planning experience!

Margaret and Bob

Jerry, Bob and I can't thank you enough for all you did for us to make sure our honeymoon was all it could be and more.  from the first time we sat down and chatted with you about what we were looking for we knew you would be the perfect ft.  You never hesitated to stay late into the evening and you listened to everything we wanted and didn't want.  When we walked into our room at Jade Mountain I cried!  What you did for us will be remembered forever and for that we are eternally grateful.  You are fabulous at what you do and you understand customer service.  We will use you every time we plan a trip because you made it so easy and stress free.  We promise we will recommend you to everyone we know and even those we don't! Thank you for everything!! Bob and Margaret

Sharon Tate

Manythanks for a job well done. The accommodations were wonderful.  No flight delays and great hotels. Our trip was super we loved London, we had sunshine each day.  Kensington is quite impressive.  Paris was unbelievable.  The transportation system in both locales is so efficient.  Looking forward to our trip next year,  Amsterdam. Thank you! Sharon and Helen


Kellie, Thank you for all your assistance planning our wedding.  We couldn't be more thrilled about the service we received from you as well as the staff at Sandals.  We look forward to many anniversary trips with you in the future. Bradley and Joletta


Thank you so much for checking on this for us!  That is exciting that it will be available after our first night.  We are counting down the hours until we leave!  Thank you again for all you've done for us with this trip and our honeymoon.  John made the comment to me that you changed our lives with suggesting Jamaica for our honeymoon.  :o)  We love it there!  And probably never would have gone if you hadn't suggested it.  Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Denver!  I love it out there too!  :o) Thank you again for everything! Katie

Dawson Wedding

Thanks very much for arranging our wedding and honeymoon in Costa Rica! We had a great time and the Paradisus was wonderful!  I would recommend to anyone wishing to get married on a beach this location and your services! You paid special attention not only to us, as the bride and groom, but also to everyone else traveling to the wedding. Here are some pictures for you to see what it all looked like! Best, Veronica and Ken


Just wanted to let you know that we had 7 days in paradise. We had a amazing time. Loved the Grand Sunset Princess! Food was good. Not amazing, but we did have five a la carte selections to pick from. We are picky because we eat so healthy. If that was not the case I would have said the food was spectacular. Always a huge selection. Apple was terrific as usual, Resort was gorgeous, grounds were stunning, party pool was a blast, we were never bored, enjoyed walking the beach, rooms were really nice, and we never wanted to leave. We were truly treated like royalty. The staff and team were all so friendly and talented. We watched the nightly shows and loved them. No complaints on our end!I am not sure what peoples expectations are when they go to these places, but all I saw were happy people. Enjoyed this trip more than any other and we can not wait to go back!!  Everyone who has looked at my pictures has asked for the resort name and your information. Hopefully you get some referrals. Thanks!! Summer

Bailey Wedding

We had a wonderful time while we were in Mexico.  We can not thank you enough for helping us through all our decisions especially with such patience.  Secrets Maroma was right on!!!  We feel that we can never go anywhere else in that area of Mexico and not stay there it was by far the best of the places we saw and adored the people that worked there. I'm going to try to attach some photos for you of our room, the resort area and wedding for you. Thank you so MUCH!!!!  We will surely be back to see you for our next adventure. Shelley


Jerry- Vacation at Whitehouse was wonderful!  Perfect weather!  We had an awesome time!!!  The wedding went perfect!  The wedding coordinator and photographer (well, really everyone) did a wonderful job!  We could not have ask for anything better!!!  Dinner on the beach was amazing! The only downfall was the YS falls were not open (if it is even a downfall...we ended up scuba diving instead!!!).  Someone said they were closed because of to much rainfall.  Not bad...huh...our only complaint!!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful vacation.  You made everything smooth!  We will be contacting you in the future for St. Lucia!!  Probably for 2013.  Could not ask for a better travel agent!! Thank you!!!! Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin :)

Stutz Wedding

I just wanted to tell you thank you again for all of your help setting up our wedding trip to the Playacar Palace.  You went above and beyond what I expected, and we are truly grateful!  The resort was amazing and thanks to all of your hard work, the trip was stress free!  We couldn't have asked for a better vacation, wedding, or honeymoon.  The resort was spotless and the staff was willing to do anything to help us.  Our on-site coordinator helped us with every detail of the wedding, and frankly, it turned out better than I could have imagined.  We're already talking about going back next year, so count on us being in touch soon!  I've included a few of our favorite pictures from the wedding and of the resort, feel free to share these. Thanks again for everything. Heather and Matthew

Amanda and Kory

When one of my best friends saw our honeymoon pictures online, she commented, "A++ for the travel agent!"  As a teacher, there is no higher compliment I could give you!  We had the trip of a lifetime and there are not enough words to thank you appropriately.  We have already referred our friends to First Discount Travel and will definitely be seeing you again, as well. Thank you!! Amanda and Kory

Dina and John

So now that my jet lag has officially passed, I wanted to follow up with you regarding our trip.  It was absolutely outstanding!  Everything about it was flawless.  The transfers were perfect, the hotel in Rome was tiny but well situated, the cruise was impeccable and the food ... oh the mouth-watering food.  We had an amazing time and can't thank you enough for all your hard work to ensure it was truly the once in a lifetime trip we were hoping for.  Thanks for your help in creating some really stunning memories.   Dina & Jon

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