Destination Wedding FAQs


How are you compensated?
Travel agencies are compensated by resorts to sell their products. Since all resorts pay the same commission, let First Discount Travel be your unbiased source for the most up to date information. All of our destination wedding specialists travel to the Caribbean and Mexico numerous times per year to keep on top of the updates and service of levels of the leading resorts.
What's the timeline?
Most resorts limit the number of weddings performed per day with the prime sunset time slots filling up first. We recommend planning one year in advance to give your guests the maximum amount of time to plan and budget. After interviewing the couple, the wedding specialist at First Discount Travel will recommend the best destination and resorts to fit your style, budget, and desires.
What's the payment schedule?
The resort typically requires a deposit to secure the day and time of the wedding. This is non-refundable and typically in the $200-$500 range. In addition, most resorts charge a refundable deposit is required to secure the room block (typically $100 per room). Final payment is for the rooms are typically due 60 days prior to arrival.
Is insurance available?
FDT highly recommend protecting your travel investment with their cancel for any reason travel insurance.
What about hurricane season?
Hurricane Season is June 1 through December 1. The three most active months historically are August, September, and October. FDT strongly recommend the cancel for any reason insurance especially when travelling during these peak months.
Will my marriage be legal in the United States?
Yes, if you chooses a “Civil or Legal” ceremony. Many times there are additional government fees involved for a wedding of this type. FDT will walk you through all of the requirements and paperwork.
What is a symbolic wedding?
Essentially it is identical to the legal ceremony without the government fees and legal paperwork. Many couples opt for this route and get married legally in the United States before departing for the wedding. This is an especially popular choice for people traveling to Mexico to avoid the translation fees and mandatory blood test.
Can I do a religious ceremony?
Absolutely! FDT will happily you their extensive contact list and resources to arrange the ceremony. In addition, many resorts have chapels onsite!
How far in advance should I send out cards and invitations?
Once the date is set and the room block secured, FDT recommends sending out the save the date. Keep in mind, not everyone has a passport and typical processing time is 3 months. By sending early, this allows plenty of time for your friends to secure time off of work and budget appropriately.
How can I get my wedding dress safely to the resort?
Most airlines have coat closets near the first class cabin. FDT recommends carrying on your wedding day attire to avoid the stress of lost or delayed luggage. Every resort has the capabilities to steam and press clothing so you’ll look your very best.
In addition to travel costs, what do wedding packages price at?
Simple wedding packages are often complimentary after fulfilling room category, room minimums, and length of stay parameters. That said, the sky is truly the limit. Your wedding can be as lavish and extravagant or barefoot and simple. Most resorts have pre-set wedding packages with established pricing. FDT is happy to customize an a la carte wedding if desired.

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