Destination Wedding Tips

  1. Book early! Resorts limit the number of weddings performed per day and top destinations fill up quickly. Booking your destination wedding sooner versus later is always a great idea, especially if you have a sentimental preferred wedding date or if only certain weekends will work with your calendar. By booking early it will allow your guests more time to save and prepare!
  2. Coordinate with one agency. This will alleviate your stress andkeep your wedding group organized. Many popular resorts have similar names and multiple resorts in the same region. By using FirstDiscount Travel, your guests will have a "one stop" advocate to call in case travel issues arise or they want to make changes quickly and with ease. By having one booking source, resorts will code the reservations as a group which entitles the bride and groom to wedding perks and discounts. We customize EVERY trip for each guest!
  3. Preview the wedding if time permits. Most resorts offer a heavily discounted “preview stay,” which allows the bridal couple to experience the amenities of the resort and meet with the onsite wedding coordinator. If you and your fiancé confirm the wedding at the host resort, the cost of the “preview stay” is credited towards the wedding expenses (restrictions apply and each resort has a similar but different policy).
  4. Logistics! The average wedding guest stays 3-4 nights. Keep this in mind when considering more exotic destinations. The origination city for your guests should also be considered as flight schedules from the East coast are vastly different than flight schedules from the West coast and Midwest. Travel time from the airport to the resort should also be considered as some resorts are located an hour or two from the airport.
  5. “Free Weddings”. Free weddings are rarely free. Please keep in mind a free wedding is a very basic wedding with no photography included. Additional expenses will most likely be incurred. Some resorts will only include the wedding couple and charge additional fees for all guests attending. First Discount Travel will assist in evaluating the total cost for the wedding and reception of your dreams.
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